Salary versus Overtime Wages in Orange County

Orange County Salary versus Overtime You are a salaried so you do not get overtime pay. This is one of the most common misconceptions in the workplace. There is no doubt that salary status is one of the requirements exempting an employee from overtime pay, but it is...

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Orange County Whistle Blower Rights

Know that a whistle blower does have rights! Recently, three former aerospace employees were awarded $45.3 million when they were fired after reporting flaws in the construction of aircraft. Courts have awarded whistle-blowers their actual wage loss until they find...

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Wrongful Termination: Your Rights and Recourse

Orange County Wrongful Termination Walter Biggins, an industrious chemist for Hazen Paper Company, often took work home and fiddled with solvent formulas in his kitchen sink. By all accounts, Mr. Biggins' concoctions allowed Hazen Paper Company to reduce its releases...

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Engaging an Employee Rights Attorney

Employee Rights Attorney As an employee rights attorney, the most popular question asked of me is "Do I have a case?" Most disgruntled present or former employees who believe an injustice has been done, have in fact had legal rights violated and do indeed "have a...

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