Orange County Severance Pay

You deserve severance pay! Contrary to the advice of the few books on this topic, you have every right to receive or increase severance pay, especially when your employer wants you to sign a full release of your rights. Termination of employment is not just a...

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Can Firm Reveal Where Former Employee Lives?

Employee Rights Attorney Mission Viejo, California Q: "If a vendor or collection agency contacts a company searching for an employee who no longer works at the company, can the personnel department release the last known address of the employee or does that violate...

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Employers Didn’t Give Results of HIV Test

Employee Rights Attorney Mission Viejo, California Q: "I have been employed by a large corporation for seven years. Recently, while having an annual physical, I was browsing through my medical records. I noticed that there were HIV test results from the date of hire....

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Hourly Employee Told Not to Take Second Job

Employee Rights Attorney Mission Viejo, California Q: "As an hourly employee, does my employer have exclusive right to my services? I am told that I cannot work for another company, but I am having financial difficulty and need to work a part-time job." A: "What you...

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